Welcome to Camson Seeds Limited, a company committed to the research and development of hybrid seeds, has shown and continues to show the world how research and innovative technologies can be used for better, safer and extremely successful agricultural practices.

Sowing the Seeds of Agricultural Innovation

Camson Seeds is a Bangalore (India) based company established with the aim of providing farmers with premium quality hybrid seeds at competent rates. Armed with an R&D department that carries out steadfast and rigorous research in the field of biotechnology, Camson Seeds takes pride in using cutting-edge technology for innovative and ecologically compliant solutions in hybrid seed breeding. The company's extensive portfolio of first-rate hybrid seeds attests to the fact that optimum balance between production, profit and principles can be achieved by means of research and technology. Camson's high-yielding, draught-resistant and disease-resistant hybrid seeds with high nutritional profiles testify to its profound know-how in the field of biotechnology. Being the master of seeds-based innovations, the company has proudly presented the world with an impressive portfolio of hybrid seeds that perform staunchly under organic and natural conditions alike.

Camson Seeds is credited with developing and commercializing a number of unique products including:

Netravati and Vedavati : Icebox/ Freezer melons with non-leaky properties

Unique flesh color freezer melons

Kali : Black chillies with Anthocyanin pigment in varied range of pungency

Palar: A breed of upright growing small size Button capsicum

Six varieties of chilli hybrids

Okra: Dark Green, Long & Slender with rindged fruit.Pl. Ht. 160-170 cms


Camson visualizes to provide high value agriculture innovations and supplement farmer practices with enhanced seeds,with profitable returns.


Camson Seeds strives to nurture and fortify comprehensive and responsible farm practices by introducing and commercializing a wide range of high-performing hybrid seeds that are founded on principles of sustainability and cost-effectiveness for the grower/farmer.