Innovation and technology have been the building blocks of Camson's success over the years. We have capitalized on technology and harnessed it to create world-class and timely products of international significance. Through our technological breakthroughs in the field of bio-agriculture, we have benefitted the agricultural community, farmers and the society at large, while constantly pushing the boundaries of research. Standards of domestic market in India stand tall in the highly competitive and technologically-sound international arena as well.

Our research has initiated and brought to fruition multiple products, significantly a plethora of hybrid seeds for crop enhancement. Consequently, we have launched several commercially successful fruits and vegetable hybrid seed varieties which have boosted yields and returns for the farming community.


Our extensive seed-based research operations are guided by the thought-leaders in the field of intragenics, a process involving transference of genes among the members of the plant kingdom. This contrasts with the traditional methods of breeding which challenge the process of evolution and are time-consuming. With our strategic use of technology, we've been able to reduce the average time to obtain a hybrid conventional by old technology.

Camson holds the distinction of being one of the few companies to be involved intragenic. Many of our in-house technological advancements are informed by this mammoth knowledge base of genetic science. This method helps instill in a hybrid, the desired trait qualities such as, disease resistance, drought tolerance quality enhancement etc. This also ensures that the resulting crop is not harmful to the farm eco-system, the environment or the consumer.