The overarching CSR philosophy is concurrent with the best industry practices. Corporate Accountability underlies all the policies and actions undertaken by Camson Seeds. In keeping with this, information regarding ownership, governance practices and financial documents are disclosed periodically and accurately.The governance structure, communique with shareholders, and other policies adhere to honest and ethical business practices.

Camson Seeds has formulated its policies and governance practices in line with the guidelines set by the best corporate practices followed through out the world. Therefore, the work conditions and work environment follow health and safety protocols. The company abides by environment friendly and sustainable processes. And the work culture reflects its commitment to Corporate Accountability, integrity and ethical practices.


Corporate Governance Report 2017-18

Quarter 1 Corporate Governance Report

Quarter 2 Corporate Governance Report


Corporate Governance Report 2016-17

Quarter 4 Corporate Governance Report

Quarter 3 Corporate Governance Report

Quarter 2 Corporate Governance Report


Share Holding Pattern 2017-18

Quarter 1 Share Holding Pattern.

Quarter 2 Share Holding Pattern.


Share Holding Pattern 2016-17

Quarter 4 Share Holding Pattern

Quarter 3 Share Holding Pattern

Quarter 2 Share Holding Pattern