The productivity of crops is determined, to a great extent, by the smallest yet the most fundamental and vital component of farming-seeds. While quality seeds increase yields, augment nutritional profiles and ensure secured food supply, poorly developed ones are detrimental to the very existence of farming community. To put simply, seeds do matter; and quality seeds matter the most.

Camson Seeds: A Pioneer in Vegetable Hybrids

India being the second largest user of tomato hybrids after the USA, Camson's in-house scientists have devoted their research facilities to develop about 11 varieties of tomato. These high-yielding, premium quality varieties are harvest ready within 55-70 days of transplanting; the performance of the tomato hybrids have been noteworthy. Of these, Tista, an excellent yellow tomato hybrid, is the first of its kind in the country. Ganga, a TLC tolerant variety developed by the company, has a proven record of yielding 55 metric tonnes per acre.