Here is a snapshot of the portfolio of hybrid vegetable seeds developed and marketed by Camson:

India being the second largest user of tomato hybrids after the USA, Camson's in-house scientists have devoted their research facilities to develop about 11 varieties of tomato. These high-yielding, premium quality varieties are harvest ready within 55-70 days of transplanting; the performance of the tomato hybrids have been noteworthy. Of these, Tista, an excellent yellow tomato hybrid, is the first of its kind in the country. Ganga, a TLC tolerant variety developed by the company, has a proven record of yielding 55 metric tonnes per acre.

The six hybrid chilly seeds developed by Camson using CGMS technology received overwhelmingly encouraging responses from local and national market. The most noted and award-winning item in this range is the Anthocyanin enriched black chilly, named Kali. Gomti and Pennar hybrids consisting of fresh and dry chillies have also been successful in winning domestic markets.

With higher yields and improved features compared to conventional varieties, Camson's five varieties of watermelon hybrids were received by farmers with high enthusiasm. The company has earned the reputation of being the first in India to develop two varieties of Icebox/Freezer melons named Netravati and Sonmati-'the golden watermelon'. These lighter and smaller watermelons have deep-red, crispy and crunchy flesh and non-leaky properties. Gandhak, a high-yielding musk melon hybrid developed by the company has also won the market with its enhanced sweetness, aroma and productivity.

Camson seeds consistently maintains the exclusivity of being the highest seller of quality paddy seed possible only through developmental and maintenance breeding programmes. The Company strives continuously to develop varieties and hybrids suitable to drought, water logging, superior cooking quality and higher grain yield for both rainy and winter seasons. The Company concentrates also on developing easy threshing, high milling recovery to suit the needs of farmers and traders. Hybrids range from early to medium maturity with medium slender to long slender grains.